The Atlantic DAC


This DAC has been “in the making “ for the most part of 2016 but it took the final shape and form during my May 2016 voyage across the Atlantic Ocean under the sails. A full  month on the empty ocean gave me time to think creatively and tap to my gut feelings about the possibility of finding customers for this amazing new product. Hence the name commemorates my sailing event.

Here it is: The Atlantic DAC - the best performance per dollar ever offered from our company. It sets the bar very high, and does it in a big style.

The key design factors:

  1. 1.-Using DHP - Directly Heated Pentode tubes (our cheapest Directly Heated product !)

  2. 2.-Running in Single Ended Triode (SET) mode - very puristic and elegant schematics

  3. 3.-Conversion by means of Discrete Resistor Ladder DAC (R2R) - probably the best implementation in the known Universe

  4. 4.-DSD seamlessly playing from mixed PCM playlists (up to 256xDSD) via USB

  5. 5.-PureCopper Lampizator-brand output capacitors

  6. 6.-Level 4 type of chassis with Lite 7 power supply and other circuits (with exposed tubes on top)

  7. 7.-Fabulously musical and easily available 4P1L tubes from the best Soviet military era

The combination of the above factors is impossible to find in any DAC in this price range, maybe even in any DAC period. The most exotic and highest in audiophile hierarchy factors like R2R and DHP make it extremely rare and desired breed of highest performance music players available at any price.

What it does not have:  DSD512 is not available as standard for this price point, also fully balanced topology cost extra  in the Atlantic program. And no, it can’t have headphone output or concealed tubes. Tube rolling is also not possible (and totally unnecessary). Well - some people roll rectifier tube and report good synergies.

We can provide spare tube sets at very reasonable price.

Based on big demand for the Atlantic DAC and also considering the phasing out of our Level 4, Big 5 and Big 6 DACs - we introduced a rich variety of this product:

1. Basic  =>  Atlantic - with solid state bridge rectifier

  1. 2.Improved: => Atlantic Plus with tube rectifier and choke power supply

  2. 3.Golden Atlantic with upgraded parts and features

  3. 4.Balanced variant of each Atlantic version

  4. 5.Volume Control / Remote control variant of each type.


Size: [W x H x D ]  :  43 x 13 (plus tubes 10 cm) x 33 (plus 10 cm for cables at the back)
Weight: 11 kg net, 14 kg shipping gross
PCM conversion R2R discrete ladder - up to 26 bit, up to 192 kHz via SPDIF, up to 384 kHz via USB
DSD conversion via USB only, auto-sensing, auto switching, 64x (SACD), 128x, 256x
Output voltage signal: 3 V pp
Optional inputs:  BNC, second SPDIF-RCA, AES/EBU, Toslink

Optional colors: front panel silver or anodized black

Tube compliment: 4P1L pentode pair, loctal base.

Output capacitors: Lampizator brand, PureCopper, PP insulated.

Warranty: 5 years excluding tubes.

ATLANTIC PLUS has: everything that the Atlantic has plus a tube rectifier diode (dual) based on Directly Heated Diode (5V heaters, any type that has heaters on pins 2 and 8 and high voltage AC on pins 4 and 6 for example: 5U4G, 274B, GZ34, 5C3S, 5Y3, 5R4 etc etc.

To accomodate the tube diode rectification we also add a high quality choke (E-I type) which makes the best combination with tube power supply. Also the choke extends the life of both tubes - rectifier and music stage tube.

GOLDEN ATLANTIC  is the latest addition to the DAC family: building on the experience with first 100 Atlantic DACs we decided to add the “full monty” has it all DAC with the best what we can offer.

TO ORDER or just check prices - PLEASE FILL OUT THE FORM DOWN BELOW under the picture section

from July 2016 we offer Atlantic DAC with DSD-ONLY version that plays DSD512x  .

This DAC is released especially to honor the fantastic music server from SOUNDGALLERIES MONACO  presented in BMW showroom in Munich 2016 show. There is no PCM but automatically selected DSC64/128/256/512 that is at the moment of launch the FIRST DSD512 triode DAC in the World.

The price is 4000 Euro,  which is just like the R2R Atlantic. It comes in SE,  or balanced version for 1000 Euro more.

From September 2016: we started offering Atlantic with balanced/SE topology, with Volume Control / Display / Remote and with optional DSD512 on top of the 256x already present.

REVIEWS:  Part Time Audiophile Aug. 2016

6Moons - Marja and Henk evaluate the Atlantic DAC

Hi-Fi Knights - David - September 2016

Golden Atlantic

Atlantic “PLUS”

(with rectifier tube supply)

Atlantic Balanced

Atlantic “Plus” Balanced