LampizatOr HEAD DAC

  1. What is the HEAD DAC based on - which level ?

  2. This is the most commonly asked question. Well, it is based on ALL OF THEM really. But we can’t say which level it is because it is a new animal, a cross-breed between an amp and a DAC and the circuit is different enough that we can only give it a new name : THE HEAD DAC.


  4. Pure tube triode circuit

  5. Pure tube diode power supply

  6. Optimized for headphones without mercy for the amp output

  7. Totally integrated tube amp with the DAC

  8. Manual and remote volume control of world’s highest quality

  9. Fully balanced internal structure (four data conversions L-, L+, R-, R+)


  11. The DAC is our best chip and circuit choice, without going to DHT

  12. The sound is very pure and revealing due to the extreme circuit simplicity and integration: tube DAC circuit is redesigned to be powerful enough to drive even most demanding headphones.  The integration means that it would totally beat our own DAC with our own headphone amp as separate products playing together.


  14. Inputs: USB 32 bit 384 kHz

  15. SPDIF input RCA 24 bit 192 kHz

  16. DSD 128x/64x via USB as a paid extra option

  17. Outputs: Headphone big jack (also driving computer active speakers)

  18. Headphone XLR 4 prong stereo

  19. Dual mono 3-prong XLR headphone

  20. Amplifier XLR balanced stereo

  21. Amplifier RCA SE stereo

  22. Headphone compatibility: only for passive headphones (not for electrostatic high voltage type)

  23. Up to 2 headphones can be driven simultaneously (sharing music with others !)

  24. User-switchable optimized transformer outputs for : A) high hundreds of ohms, B) small hundreds of ohms and C) 30-60 Ohms.

  25. Output power 2,5 W

  26. Power consumption: 40 W

  27. Weight 14 kg net.

  28. Chassis: 43 cm x 13 x 33 cm (plus the plugs)

  29. Tube set:  5C4S tube rectifier, 2 x small dual novals of choice - we suggest E180CC or E88CC for input section, 2 x E88CC for transformer drivers.

  30. Output transformers: MU metal ultra fine core.

  31. Volume control: stepped 64 -level attenuator based on a resistor ladder.

  32. Remote control

  33. Swiss made NEUTRIK sockets

  34. DSD works best with Foobar and JRiver. Other sources are un-verified. Audirvana is supported but not recommended.

  35. We also offer Big7 Head version, a DAC with DHT tubes and SE structure, with OTL output to the headphones. Works for units 100Ohms of impedance and higher. Not recommended for headphones like HiFi Man amp killers.