Lampizator DSD DAC Level 4

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This digital section is designed and hand made by us in Warsaw.

  1. Separate DSD engine, manually switchable

  2. Optional construction as DSD-only

  3. Tube power supply, 4 music triodes and one rectifier, choke filter in PSU,               possibility to  create full quad-mono balanced circuit.

  4. One RCA S/PDIF input and one USB input as standard, Toslink, AESEBU, or second

S/PDIF or BNC are available too.


  1. Auto detect DSD 64 and 128 in DSD mode

  2. Manually selected PCM engine. In PCM mode auto-select all known file formats and

  speed and resolution, up to 24 bit 384 kHz. Optionally DSD-ONLY version without PCM

  at all.

  1. USB input plus RCA S/PDIF and one more digital input.

  2. Jupiter Copper paper /Wax caps (USA) . No other caps even as option

  3. Ecc81, Ecc88 and Ecc82 tubes

  4. 6X5 rectifier diode

  5. Dual mono, current output converter chips

  6. dimensions 430 mm W, 130 mm H, 330 mm D

  7. Smoked / translucent, Black or silver aluminum front panel

  8. SE analog outputs or XLR balanced (plus RCA as well)

  9. 115 or 230 V or dual voltage.

  10. No volume control is possible even as an option.

  11. Warranty 5 years excl. tubes

DAC Level 4 is our long term best-seller. We sold over 500 Level4 DACs alone. Here are some highlights of the construction: Our standard chassis and box - 43 cm wide, 13 cm high and 33 cm deep. Our Level 4 digital board with PCM DAC and receiver.