LampizatOr DSD-only

DSD-Euforia DAC

Our best attempt on the affordable DAC for audiophiles



  1. Auto detect DSD 64 and 128

  2. Works in DoP mode, plays via ASIO, Kernel, Wasapi, NAtive and DoP drivers

  3. Amanero USB input 2.0  which is also  future proof to 512xDSD

  4. no Toslink. No RCA S/PDIF even as an option.

  5. up to 128x DSD

  6. Auto muting of DSD artefacts

  7. Jupiter Tin paper caps (USA) . No other caps even as option

  8. Ecc81, Ecc88 and Ecc82 tubes or equivalents

  9. 6X5 tube rectifier diode in the tube power supply

  10. dimensions 430 mm W, 130 mm H, 330 mm D, weight 7 kg

  11. Black or silver aluminum front panel

  12. SE analog outputs . no XLR balanced even as option (for balanced see Level 4 DAC)

  13. 115 or 230 V or dual voltage.

  14. Warranty 5 years excl. tubes

  15. CE certificate.

Announcing on August 27th 2015

The latest addition to LampizatOr lineup: DSD-ONLY Euforia DAC.

MRRP   PRICE = 1800 Euro plus tax (1980 USD in usa plus 150 shipping)

For us it is the beginning of the end of CD era. No more SPDIF input. No more AES/EBU input. No more Toslink input. The legacy of 1980 has to stop somewhere.

For us - it stops here!

If you already use a computer to play music - this DAC is for you.

If you don’t use a computer - you should.

This DAC plays even normal red-book standard CD’s as DSD via the computer and the sound quality is better than achievable from PCM files directly.

Why bother with PCM at all, if for the price of 50 dollars you can buy JRiver software (cost of 3 CDs) and play everything like DSD to the Euforia DAC.

And OF COURSE you can also play natively the DSD files and enjoy a full spectacle of sound in your room.

This DAC will change the way you listen to the music forever.

If you own a great PCM DAC - this DAC will be simply an addition to the rack. No conflict of interest.

The only thing needed is: a computer with USB output and storage of music files.

JRiver or Foobar software will do the job, or any other software that we may not know about. JRiver currently runs on all versions of Windows, MAC or Linux.

The DSD engine we implemented in this DAC is the same that got us tens of awards worldwide - our famous DSD128x Lampizator Engine. We use it in Level 4, Big 5, Lite 7 and Big 7 DACs.

We also use fully tubed analog stage from our Amber project but with improved circuit and tube selection. - here is one of these awards

To achieve the world top sound quality - you owe it to yourself to try our amazing DSD-Komputer.

It re-defines the sound achievable from any music files.