LampizatOr The Big 7 DSD DAC  


Where Lampizator, DSD, Directly Heated Triodes and Copper Caps meet

The Big Seven is an evolution of Level 7 - we put in one huge box the whole L7 and then some.

We feel there is an advantage to put the Level 7 in one box because grounds become shorter, power delivery is more immediate and there is possibility to put more power supplies separately: we have about 20 in total in Big Seven compared to 9 in Level 7. Also we can use bigger rectifier tubes like 5c3s and Bendix 5U4R or even Shuguang 274B or Emission LABS 5U4R.

This DAC will have as standard (no price premium):

•Output capacitors  Jupiter Copper Wax - the best coppers in the world in our opinion.
•Tubes: Standard Psvane 101D, optionally Emmission Labs 45 or KR45 or 300B UK Design Psvane
•Rectifiers 5C3S from USSR or 274B from Shuguang. Optional Emission Labs 5u4g
•PCM DAC 384 kHz, optionally discrete resistor ladder chip-less PCM
•USB up to 32 bit/384 kHz

•DSD128/64 engine (the one that made us famous), optionally 256x

Paid options are:

•Volume control with a remote
•DSD 256 or 512 engine

•Balanced topology
The tube rolling possibility allows to use 101D, 45, 245UX, 2A3 - with a switch selector of heater voltage.

Let’s summarize the Big Seven build principles:

•DHT triodes in single ended anode follower configuration as Lampizator signal tubes (45 or 2A3 or 101D)

You have a selector switch to choose three tube schemes (2A3/45/101D) but you get only one chosen tube pair. Tube rolling is entirely on you.
•Only one amplification stages in the whole DAC
•Only one capacitor in series with the sound in the whole DAC (two for volume control version) and we give you worlds best capacitor.
•Duelund Cast Copper caps or Jupiter Copper Wax exclusively
•Silver wire in teflon insulation point to point 3-D connection technique
•Tube power supply with tube rectification based on the best 5C3S /5U4G / GZ34 / 274B vacuum diodes
•MKP foil caps of gigantic size (total of 290 uF MKP capacitance) replace most of the PSU reservoir electrolytes
•Separate transformer windings for tube circuit, separate transformer for digital part, separate secondary windings for every task
•Our top digital section with current-output DAC converters
•DSD based on our best concept of using un-manipulated, filtered, raw, native datastream as signal.

SIZE: 45 cm wide, 53 cm deep, 13 cm tall. Weight (shipping) 20 kg, net 16 kg

Power consumption 40 Watts