LampizatOr Amber II DAC

with PCM, DSD, tube PSU and tube output


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Amber DAC was designed and conceived for the on-line shop that we run besides building DACs. It became so popular and so successful, that we started building completed ready DACs with Amber “guts” and soon it became our new best seller.

So here it is - a DAC with entry level prices (at least in our book) starting at 1800 Euro plus tax. We built it from ground up on a white paper project that combines all our knowhow about DACs and we offer you PCM and DSD seamless solution with great Amanero USB module built-in and create a wholly tubed DAC that does both DSD and PCM via USB and S/PDIF.

Yes, for 1,8 Euro- grand you get:

  1. LampizatOr hand made DAC

  2. DSD and PCM in one package

  3. Lampizator famous tube output stage

  4. Lampizator tubed power supply

  5. Great looking full size chassis which it shares with our Level 3 & 4.



  2. Auto detect DSD and PCM

  3. USB input plus RCA S/PDIF .

  4. up to 128 x DSD, up to 385 kHz PCM

  5. PureCopper Lampizator branded caps.

  6. Ecc81, Ecc88 and Ecc82 tubes

  7. 6X5 rectifier diode

  8. dimensions 430 mm W, 130 mm H, 330 mm D

  9. Black or silver aluminum front panel

  10. SE analog outputs . No XLR balanced even as option (see Level 4 DAC)

  11. 115 or 230 V or dual voltage.

  12. Warranty 5 years excluding the tubes.

  1. NEW in 2016 Amber2 model:

  2. Completely new, better digital engine by Lampizator (versus Sabre kit previously)

  3. Better, Auto detect DSD and PCM on Amanero, not XMOS

  4. USB input plus RCA S/PDIF (versos Toslink previously) .

  5. up to 128 x DSD, up to 385 kHz PCM with perfect muting of arterafcts

  6. better output - PureCopper Lampizator branded caps (versus Tin foil previously)

  7. Better Ecc802, Ecc99 and Ecc82 tubes

  8. Better improved Amber tube output stage (taken from our famous Level 4 DAC)

  9. fully Integrated, better digital section PSU

  10. New dedicated Toroid transformer designed especially for this model (bigger and better regulated)

  11. 115 or 230 V or dual voltage versus fixed mains.