NEW:  LampizatOr Amber 2 DAC

with PCM, DSD, tube PSU and tube output

Amber 2 replaces Amber-1 in October 2016.

In December 2016 Amber 2 replaces All Level3 and Level 4 machines

Also Euforia DAC is now fully integrated into Amber 2 at the same price therefore Euforia as such will be phased out.

We took two years of learning from customer’s feedback as well as our own R’N’D to create the all new Amber 2.

It has everything that the demanding audiophile needs:

  1. -full size chassis

  2. -usb input good till 32/384 PCM and up to native 256x DSD

  3. -tube rectifier power supply

  4. -linear PSU with real iron core transformer

  5. -Proprietary LampizatOr conversion board (engine) with auto-sensing DSD/PCM

  6. -Tube output stage that Lampizator is famous for

  7. -TrueCopper output capacitors LampizatOr brand

  8. -SPDIF input for Red Book

  9. -optional Toslink or BNC or AESEBU or second SPDIF coax input

  10. -RCA outputs analog pair

  11. -Optional XLR fully balanced configuration (not fake balanced with a signal opamp or transformer)

  12. -Optional XLR output stage

Yes, for 2K Euro- you get:

  1. LampizatOr hand made DAC

  2. DSD and PCM in one package

  3. Lampizator famous tube output stage

  4. Lampizator tubed power supply

  5. Great looking full size chassis which it shares with our Level 3 & 4.



  2. Auto detect DSD and PCM

  3. USB input plus RCA S/PDIF

  4. up to 256 x DSD, up to 385 kHz PCM

  5. 24bit/96 kHz on SPDIF

  6. Lampizator TrueCopper capacitor output

  7. Ecc81, Ecc88, ECC99, 6H1P, 6N6P, 6DJ9, 6922, 12AU7 and Ecc82 tubes

  8. 6X5 or 6C5S rectifier diode

  9. Lampizator digital design stage

  10. dimensions 430 mm W, 130 mm H, 330 mm D

  11. Black or silver aluminum front panel

  12. SE analog outputs . XLR balanced as option

  13. 115 or 230 V -  dual voltage.

  14. Warranty 5 years excluding the tubes.

  15. Output impedance 150 Ohms per phase