LampizatOr DSD DAC Level 5 (the Big Five) - a bigger, better version of Level 4, with the 4 x beefier tubed power supplies, more sophisticated digital section and better caps).

A logical choice when many options are ordered like Balanced, DSD, Duelund, Volume control etc. More choice of exotic tubes than L-4. This is the best “normal” DAC we make.  From 2017 discontinued => Golden Atlantic or Atlantic Plus.

LampizatOr PREAMP based on the 5th Gen Big 5 DAC  minus the lack of DAC module, it is a ONE (big) BOX JOB. It has a tube diode power supply and sophisticated PSU with high end chokes from famous Ogonowski brand. Ultra silent transformers, 64 step precision 0,1% volume control VC03, and the best tubes the world has ever seen: VT99, EF800, Ecc40, or 6900, or MELZ 6H83 or 6N6P, E180CC, E182CC. Make your choice or we will use our own choice tube output stage. Remote volume control with display. Balanced, SE and cross-converting options bal/se and se/bal.

LampizatOr AMBER-2 DAC - our best bang for the buck. Single ended triode with E88cc and ECC82 tubes, solid state or tube rectification, our proprietary newest DAC digital engine with DSD 128 and PCM auto sensing and auto switching.  Painted steel chassis, concealed tubes (ecc82)

The construction internally is based on a PCB, no more point to point wiring. We assume 95% of customers will use a computer or streamer to play via this DAC so there is USB port built in and  SPDIF.  The sound is so good that it will not disappoint anybody . We play seamlessly and with auto-sensing : DSD64, 128, PCM from MP3 to 385/24

LampizatOr DAC Level 4 - Our best seller. A fantastic, in house design digital board capable of 32 bit/380 kHz via USB. Rectifier tube, choke and (almost) electrolyte less power supply. This DAC got so many awards world-wide that it is hard to even list them. We sold over 500 Level Four’s alone. From 2017 discontinued => Amber-2

LampizatOr USB transport: Top level USB module converter to AES/EBU and S/PDIF. Super heavy duty power supply. TUBE OUTPUTS OF DIGITAL SIGNALS. Two radio-frequency triodes. Tube power supply of the signal section. Carefully selected high-speed paper in oil caps in signal path. True native AES/EBU, not merely mirrored S/PDIF.


“LampizatOr Service”  (“lampization” of CD players) has been discontinued due to the overwhelming demand for the lampizatOr DACs and amps.

We no longer tweak CD players and DACs.

DO NOT MISTAKE levels and generations. By >generation<  we mean an advancement stage in our manufacturing techniques and technology we employ. Higher generation does not mean a better sounding product, but a product manufactured in a new way. Basically it means it is EASIER TO MAKE for us.

HOW DO I KNOW it is Generation 5, not previous one ?

  1. 1.The serial number plate has a window in which it is written clearly Generation 5

  2. 2.The serial number is above 620

  3. 3.The front panel has new modern font logo

  4. 4.The tube section is on PCB not point to point.

LampizatOr DSD DAC- the first true DSD converter that works purely in analog domain - with passive filters and active tube circuits - without PCM DAC converter chip. There is no digital processing of any kind  and it is the most “native DSD” player known to us.  The combination of tubes, DSD and Copper caps produces a musical spectacle unheard before. It beats every DAC you ever heard - or your money back. We play DSD at 1x, 2x and 4x (256) speeds. From 2016 every DAC is equipped with DSD engine, and every DAC can be ordered as DSD-ONLY, without PCM altogether. Also our Euforia DAC is an entry level DSD-ONLY with DSD128x.

LampizatOr Level 6 - The Big 6:  as of May 2015 has been merged with the Big 5 into one Big 5 DAC. From 2017 discontinued => Golden Atlantic or Atlantic Plus.

LampizatOr The Big 7 DSD DAC- the most successful DAC in our line-up. It is like the other BIG series but with exposed tubes. The music tubes are directly heated triodes DHT in puristic single ended fashion.  The tubes we use are 101D, 300B, 2A3 6A3, 245 or 45’s. (interchangeable) . Yes - you CAN roll them all in every DAC.  The Big Seven is a one large box). It is the first commercially available DAC with DHT power triodes which is an ultra rare solution. Lukasz Fikus takes pride in being the pioneer of this technology. We also use DHD - directly heated diodes as rectifiers (5c3s is the standard)  This is the DAC for absolute triode freaks, tube rollers and musicality fanatics.  It sounds particularly awesome with DSD module. It was designed with one goal in mind: to beat vinyl rigs in every area. Trom the Big7 trunk branched off The Lite 7 being a slightly simpler variant of Big 7 and namely it does away with tube rectification, with exotica copper caps (we use Tin AM Jupiters which are our all time favorite budget caps) and without chokes in PSU. The DHT triodes remain.

Another branch is The Golden Gate - our FLAGSHIP DAC which is 100% the Big 7 schematics except that the parts are very expensive - the best money can get. This is so called gucci DAC.

LampizatOr AMPS - the flagship product, GM70 is a true real McCoy SET DHT amplifier in dual mono configuration. Absolutely no compromise music-making-machine. It challenges every 845, 211, or 805 SET out there on musical grounds. We also have a fully balanced triode classA push pull with 211 triodes shall anyone need 60 watts of 211 power.

The Amber Amp is our latest development - a superb small tube amp based on push-pull EL84. This amplifier would never see the light of day if it wasn’t THIS GOOD.  A small amp that we are very proud of.

LampizatOr HEAD DAC- the first true headphone DAC from us. Not the head amp but the DAC. We figured out that it will be a huge compromise to create just a simple addition to normal DAC for a headphone output. We had to design the HEAD DAC from scratch. Something that is better than our own dac connected to a good headphone amp. We merged dac and amp to utilize synergies, which by the way, are huge. This Headphone DAC offers sound that will simply blow your head off.  We can build the head DAC around the Big 5 DAC or Big 7 (Golden Gate as well).

LampizatOr KOMPUTER - the new server department in our company will take care of the increasing demand for easy computer solution that will inevitably replace all CD transports in existence.

The Servers are just that - computers, but unlike the off the shelf computers you can buy in the store - our computers are extremely carefully modified for the audio streaming purpose. They sound really best in class. We challenge ANY TRANSPORT in the world to play better at the price. We mean ANY transport.

Here nothing is sold from stock. We make the product FOR YOU - every time - a custom job. Among many products on the market, LampizatOr stands out as the one that actually      PLAYS MUSIC. Lampizator DAC is now available on five price/performance levels. In addition, in the “menu” price list there are horizontal options for each level including the following:

  1. -remote controlled high end volume control with display - VC03

  2. -balanced circuitry

  3. -LAN input with ROON BRIDGE processor built in



We sell DACs and amps that are built to the specifications on different quality levels.

Currently, Level 1 and 2 and 3 , Amber-1 and Euforia DAC are not offered due to lack of interest. All replaced by Amber 2

Level 6 and The Big 6 were merged with Level 5 and they are now just one product : THE BIG 5 =>  replaced now with the Atlantic.

Amber = the best DAC we can possibly make using the standard electronic components and tubes of our choice. Now in Amber-2 generation it is better than ever. DSD and PCM, auto sensing and auto switching. .

Level 4 = the DAC that made us famous and rightly so. Without extremes we pack everything that’s important into this product in relatively small box (our “standard box” is 43 cm wide by 13 cm high by 33 cm deep. Our best seller. A full set of standard features includes: Tube power supply, tube analog stage, premium capacitors, 385 kHz PCM converters, DSD128x engine, AES/EBU and SPDIF.

Level 4 is discontinued now.

Level 4, 5, 6 are replaced all by Atlantic.

Level 5 - (two box) and its one big box cousin called The Big Five :  it is a very large box dac (The Big) that has enough space for all options that we offer. it is basically like level 4 on steroids: power supply is based on a much bigger tube and transformer is at least 2 x the size found in Level 4.  There is enough space to fit usb, balanced topology, huge output caps, volume control, remote controlled preamplifier, dsd module, remote operation, analog preamp inputs, bi-amping outputs etc. Even without all options it sounds marginally better than level 4 due to power supply being much bigger. It takes a week to build it by hand.   Discontinued now.

The Big 6-was  a specialized multi bit 16/44 R2R PCM DAC for red book lovers.  Discontinued now.

The Big 7 is the purist and minimalistic dac that has the big box and exposed DHT tubes 6A3,45 or 245, 345, 101D, 300B, 242, PX-4, PX-25 etc  for unmatched sound purity. DSD is available  as a separate internal engine. The Big 7 has a cheaper cousin - the Lite 7 and the more expensive variant - The Golden Gate.

All levels can be built as DSD-Only DAC without PCM at all.

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Our company is capable of creating stereo sound systems without any elements from someone else. It means that we designed and commercialized every element of the system from A to Z. Power supply AC conditioners (SILK) and tube power amps (GM70 and 211) and Pre-Amplifiers DACS, Speakers (P17), Cables (Silver Shadow)  and digital sources - The Komputer and The Superkomputer. We can make Data Storage (NAS as well as high end USB converters .

HAving said that it is not very practical to offer complete turnkey systems because nobody buys complete systems in one shot. People in this hobby tend to upgrade every element one step at the time which is a lifetime process.

Exactly this process is our main strength - we adpoted to the “upgrade” mania and we allow customers to choose from product on every price point and every sophistication point. Not only that, we also are famous for taking our own products as trade in and this allows our customers to crawl up the ladder without wasting money in the process. See out trade-in policy at the end of ORDERING section.

Every year we try to add new exciting products to our  portfolio, which also means that to avoid clutter we have to let go of some older products.

Happy listening !

DAC perceived quality chart

Solid state output DAC => noval triode DAC (Amber)  => octal triode DAC (Big 6) => Directly heated pentode (Atlantic ) =>  Directly Heated Triode SET (Lite 7 ) => Directly Heated Triode SET with Tube Rectification Power Supply  (Big 7 and Golden Gate )

2017 New DAC portfolio changes chart

In order to streamline the DAC portfolio we slowly make a transition from:

Amber DAC becomes Amber-2

Euforia DAC becomes Amber 2 (with the PCM section as a bonus)

Level 4 dissolves into Amber-2 and Atlantic DAC

Level 5, Level 6, Big 5, Big 6 make room for Atlantic DAC, Atlantic plus  and Golden Atlantic

DSD-ONLY DAC is a custom order per email arrangements.

Level 7 (two box) becomes now Big 7 only, Der Siebener becomes Big7 again.

Lite 7 is re-named Big7 with SolidState rectifier

Consequently our whole portfolio pyramid is now:  Amber-2 (SS) => Amber-2 Tube Rectifier => Atlantic SS => Atlantic Plus => Golden Atlantic => Big7 (SS)  => Big 7 => Golden Gate