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lampizatOr DAC Generation 3 announcement

Updated Sept 27th 2010

CEC TL51X Belt Transport  

New teachings of dr Lamppizator - about how to fight humming plus a few more

A short meeting with an old friend - BAT VK-D5 CD player

The big duel of transport kings: who will remain on the throne ? CEC TL0_X versus Audio Note CDT-Five

Audioromy 813 power amp. Must  read for Music Angel modders  audioromy amp 

Update about the 300B / 2A3 / 45 DAC
Project Antalya - my latest attempt on the World's Best Transport using Squeezebox wifi converter.squeezebox

Update on the Krell after the upgrade of HDCD filter chip to ASE Audiotuning filter.

New Chokes in the Szop

Audio Note on level ZERO.

Krall And Krell from Hell

Ming- DA or Ming-Niet ? That is the question  

The Tube Tester Project
The Szop (L-Shop) is pretty much up and running, more or less. L-Shop
The most radical Lampizator DAC ever - the 300B Lampizator DAC !!! (World Premiere)  

New SPDIF recipe for Squeezebox modders 

New Mikro Pre Sheng Xiang  project

New teachings: how to test an amplifier under full power

The new commercial part of the website: The L-Shop

The story of a Mikrolampizator in Behringer Ultramatch

Ultimate preamp monstrosity designed from scratchFikus PRE

The triumphant return of the Behringer DAC in  new clothes

A legend from the land of grey and gloomy - Sugden CD-21

American Cheap High End - Audio Alchemy ACD-PRO player

GM70 amplifier - update about the copper plate triode version

A short meeting with AMC player

A Mikrolampizator in newSRPP version

The birth of the first Mikrolampizator !Mikrolampizator

The Helios Stargate meets Mephisto Audiomeca
the Lampizator molesting one of the world's greatest DACS ever made: Tube Technology Fulcrum

O Kurwa ! Ale Ultracurva !Ultracurve

 At last - something to admire not to criticize ! Teac Esoteric VRDS P2 transportP2

Update on the CEC TL-1X and the non-X model.

Update on the battle of 9 DACs

Update on the Kenwood DP-x9010 Transport

Update on the Goldmund/Pioneer DVD transport
Recent Lampization update on the new TDA1541 monster Godzilla of DACs- The Bloodac4,0

Analog Devices DAC kit AD1865 NOS.

A page with shortcuts with teachings of Lampizator

Some tips about triode design for novice

Technics SL-Sp700 player from Pewex lampized
Doctor Lampizator finally goes full monty digital with the introduction of Hard Drive Music CenterSqueezebox

Teac VRDS D-10 and our love - hate relationship
One of the best CD players currently in a shop - Pioneer PD-D9 (a wannabe Wadia)Pioneer PD-D9
Sony XA5ES - my all time favourite non-lampized CD player !!!
Denon Changer DCM-280 (recession time lampization)
Sony X55ES

new DAC based on AD-1865. (Andrea Ciuffoli DAC clone)
Battle of transport - latest follow up with Kenwood X9010 trying to re-gain the throne of transports.

Battle of DACs revisited.

Some words about the ballanced v.s. single ended designs

Audio Note cheapest CD player AN-CD1

AH Lite NOS DAC with tda1543 revisited

The battle of transports updated
Transport article updated and improved
CEC - second encounter with the TL-1x

Stelmach DAC

Akai CD-37 playerAkai cd-37

Arcam Delta 170 CD Transport

CEC TL-1X Deconstructedcec tl1x

Luxman D103uluxmand103u

Mephisto 1 player / transport.mephisto

I find the best DAC that I ever heard and it is sensationally cheap too !!! (Lampizaed Behringer) Behringer

My new GM-70 Mono Block SET ampsGM-70

Arcam Diva CD73ARCAM CD73

Meridian 207 nightmare

Behringer upsamplerBehringer

Philips CD 710 player - a cheap gem.CD710

Munich High End Show Reportmunich

BAT VK60 power amplifier

Marantz CD5000mar5000

Sabre32 in new Lampizator DAC application. Still my favourite sound.Sabre32 DAC

Mephisto 2 meets Fikus Transport 1.

Fischer AD-ZI CD player / transportfischer AD-z1

Wolfson DAC WM8742 wolfson 

Transports again:  Pierre Lurne Audiomeca Mephisto 2   V.s.  Teac VRDS X25


Wolfson DAC WM8742 with Lampizator  WM8742 DAC World Premiere of the WM8742 combined with tubes  !!!!

April10 - First results of capacitor test.

Kenwood DP8010 with PCM58 DAC

basic info about the Shigaraki Clone transport

Basic info and test of North Star Design transport model 192

The Transport building diary - continues to the happy end

My own speakers P24 finished after 4 years of work in progress

The Transport building diary - step by step from 50 Euro CD player to giant killer Fikus Tubetransport 1,0

Shortcut: CAPACITOR CORNER with some explanations, some testing and some humor

The Grand Battle of Seven Transports: Theta Data Universal against Pioneer/Goldmund with maximum hot rod tweaks and "Fikus Tubetransport 1,0" and TEAC VRDS X25 and many more to come like Shigaraki, North Star,  and Marantz 73 with added S/PDIF

ES9018 32 bit Esstech DAC Sabre32 Reference arrived - the first test in Poland. Maybe , who knows, the first test in Europe. Possibly - the first lampized Esstech ES9018 in the World ?

AH DAC  from DIYCLUB.BIZ - a NOS with eight DAC chips TDA1543 in parallel.AH DAC

Searching for good Preamp: Balanced Audio Technology BAT VK-3i

SQUEEZEBOX Fetishist's cornersqueezebox


Teac VRDS25 new info added

CDM1 - 2- 4 Laser cleaning info added to Laserology post.


Pioneer PD-S703Pioneer PD-S703

Pioneer DVD (Goldmund) 

TEAC T1-VRDS transport amazes me with rocket science Very Rigid systemTEAC

New info about the Theta

new info about the Rockna ADLABS lampized and boxed.rockna

Theta Data Universal Transport

ROCKNA AD-Labs dac from Romania (AD1865) revisited, this time - with much better result.

Sabre ESS buffalo  DACBuffalo

ROCKNA AD-Labs dac from Romania (AD1865)ROCKNA

Nov 30 2008
SENSATIONAL sound as a result of NOS application to SONY players with TDA1541A - first documented public description of the process of NOS mod to Sony chipset

Nov 19th 

Michal N systemnaroj

Bang and Olufsen Beo CD 5500 player revisitedolufsen

  Lampucera inside CD playerlampucera

Nov 18

Sony CDP-557ESD - a real giant.

Nov 17
Laser failure problems - Laserology  laser


Sony 333ESD lampized proper 

Pioneer PD-S06 with PCM1702 DACS  pioneer


Audio-Note DAC4 anybody ?Audio Note DAC-4

Oct. 21

Sony CDP-338ESD - the successor of the TDA1541 lineSony CDP-338ESD

Last encounter with Cambridge CD2 with four TDA1541 chipscambridge CD2

A giant killer CD player from good old Sony - CDP-710sony CDP-710

TRIPATH Class D ampstripath - shock and awe from China

Sept 28

New help drawing for reworking of Liung and Music Angel 845 amps

New possibilities of stealing SP/DIF from the SONY chipset players

A note on Digifetishizator (J-FET buffer for SP/DIF)

Grundig CD 360player in overhaul mode but sans lampizator

sept 12 '08

New and best fetishizator 2.0  design (link on the bottom of the linked page)

Sept 08

Grundig CD9009 Fine Arts becomes non-oversampled (NOS MOD)

August 27  

Tired of the "transport sound" issue I cut down to the science and logic. Digital Lens and meditations provide the enlightement.

ONKYO Integra R1 player getting ready for lampization

August 20

The midsummer return of the battle of giants: New 6 contenders to the title of the best CD player in the world: NAIM, ARCAM, DENON, SATCH and a ZERODAC AD1852 from China.

August 18th

World's first FETISHIZATOR  Ver 1,0 

August 15th
Revox B225 with NOS and snipit tuning and awaiting lampizationRevox B225.

August 01

Bewitch amplifier 6550 from China

SP/DIF TRANSPORT article (almost finished)

Philips CD104 - a fantastic player that I have fallen in love with - NOS-ed.

Nakamichi CDP2-e with TDA1541A DACNakamichi CDP2-e

15 July:  Zero DAC from China  with AD1852 dac chipZERO DAC


AMC CD9 player (not lampized yet).

The GOOD PLAYERS LIST - without any modifications - for people who want to just buy and listen.

Universal preamplifier  with headphone output

Cambridge Azur 540 MK2 player - the cheapest wolfson in the World !

Philips CD753

Arcam Diva CD73

Non-Oversampling of TDA1540 ???

New article about the super machine  Sony CDP337ESD

Naim CD3 with NOS and lampizator - one of the bess CD players of all time

Cambridge Azur 640-1 with lampizator - the latest attempt. - a surprise concerning Azur 540 Mk2

Newest schematics for amplifiers: Liang and Music Angel 845 - From Austria

Marantz CD50 taken to it's limits





May 26 :   Philips CD-751 almost the new king of CD kingdom !Philips CD751 with TDA1549

May 22:  WOLFSON DAC and lampucera  get a dedicated lampizator circuit
lampucera max

MHZS gets a second chance and becomes a tubed player !!!MHZS 88

may17  NOS conversion of Marantz CD50 with TDA1541A

may16 description of conversion of TDA1547 DAC 7 chip to I output (=kosher)

Marzntz CD67SE Lampucerized    (what is HDAM,     anybody ?????? )

April 30: | The good, the bad and the ugly : the Hifi manufacturer's hall of fame  |

April 27 : Capacitor games: os-con - teapo or tantalum ?

April 25: 5 Lampucera variationslampucera
April 24: Cambridge DVD89 - with second phase lampization. cambridge DVD

New fresh look at the fabulous Shanling CD300 player

Apr. 19  The Best Music Angel KT88 for novice - modification step by step.

April 10: MHZS CD88 the most innovative CD player of the decade !

Polish language lampizator manual

NEw datamining list of DAC papers (PDF)

Non oversampling mod of Philips CD-880

Alphabetical list of CD players

April 8 - new tube types in lampizator manual- ECC81 - e81CC - ECC801S - 12AT7 - 6SL7GT, 12SN7GT,

April 3 : New info about the lampucera tuning with details
April 1: Cambridge DVD89 - a surprisingly great player that does movies too. cambridge DVD

March 27 nakamichi CD Player4 with AD-1864N DAC chip

some tips about stock Chinese tube amp tweaking - what to do with a shenzen amplifier.

BYPASS corner (non-lampization CD tweaks)- new text added
TEAC VRDS-25 with 4 x AD1862 DACs and Sony KS151A mechanism and  VRDS.

My  latest speaker project - P24

NAD C 521i player with minimum comments

Cambridge CD2 player - an older cousin of CD3. A quick visit.

Marantz CD 94 MK2 in a snip-it mode and with balanced out with new clock.

Marantz CD 94 Mk1 in a snip-it mode and with NOS.(first Non Over Sampling from Lmpizator)

The shapshot of the baby NAIM CDI  (drill to the bottom of the page)
The latest attempt on cost no object speaker system
Jan 21: WADIA transport preparing to marry a Lampucera chipset

Jan 16: SNIP-IT - THE NEW SECTION -  DIY mods without investments, without tubes

New comments about the Wolfson versus Cirrus shoot-out contest (bottom of the page)

Sony CDP-555ESD player (TDA1541) challenges the rest of the World

Jan 07: new values for lampizator with 6H6P tube in the manual (first departure from oryginal ever).
New info in CD dac ranking
DEC 31 2007 Vincent - CD-S6 player with PCM 1732 DAC and LOTS OF SURPRIZES INSIDE  

Dec 25 - small adjustments of SABA radio guide

Dec 24 - new schematics of Music Angel and Liang amp - part values moved to HTML file.

CD DAC giant shootout contest - the battle of champions

Azur/ Wolfson evaluation

Lampucera DAC board that redefines the sound

New schematics for Liang and Music Angel 845 amps

Shanling CD300

Yamaha CD480lampized with one triode - first non-SRPP internal Megalampizator

Second approach to Kenwood 7090

Music Angel KT88 updated tweaking schematics

Philips CD960 player

Kenwood 9010X transport

SONY CDP-337ESD - I am drooling over the old Sony

Cayin amplifier from China - civillised

Lampizator DIY step by step for beginners

Wonderful system of Artur P

New reference speaker project - Altec Lansing and RAAL RIBBONS

NEW KING OF CD KINGDOM : Marantz CD94-2 superb balanced player with 4 octal tubes

Rusinos Maximus speaker project - preliminary pics

Grundig CD8100 - cheapest gateway to HIFI heaven

Marantz CD94 MK2 

Marantz CD94MK1

new Saba Greencone madness project

Cambridge CD-4  

New section - CD Player ranking

Last info on TDA chip and list of players

Marantz CD80 (one 1541A-S1 Q1)

China zhaolu DAC D2.5 - a mindblowing revelation

SEPT 2007 - LATEST REVISION Music Angel 845 and Liang 845 SE SCHEMATICS by Fikus


AKAI CD-55 (based on DAC AD-1856 - new post includes Analog Devices list)

SABA radio page under construction - new radios added on sept 12

Music Angel 300B input stage completely revisited again

NAIM CDS-1 revisited

Grundig 9000 revisited

SONY CDP-227ESD CD (two TDA1541A in paralell)

CD40 Marantz player

Latest and BEST revision of Grundig 9009 player

Grundig 905 player

Revox B126

Philips DAC960 revisited

Marantz 60 revisited and with tube headphone circuit

Music Angel revisited
- a definitive input stage for the Angel and the Liang. July 23

July 22
Measurements of the Lampizator

July 20
Cambridge Audio CD3 player (4 x TDA1541A !!!)

Mr. Liang's monster 845 single ended triode amplifier from China - ONGAKU for the poor

July 3 2007:
Cyrus Mission CD player
Bang and Olufsen 5500 CD player
Grundig CD-8400 MKII CD player
Meridian CD player 506.20
China DAC D2.5

03 07 2007    TDA1541A DAC fetishists corner update 

April 10 2007 : Monster MEGA LAMPIZATOR - a new circuit

22 03 2007
Cyrus Mission DAD1 CD player

22 03 2007
P19 open baffle ultimate prototypes

  16 03 2007
Endorphin P-18 
And Krzysztof S

10. 03 2007
Endorphin P-17  
And Krzysztof O

Loewe CD9000. Loewe my love !      

3.03 2007
DAC Philips 960 

1.03 2007
Comparison of two best CD players: Grundig and JVC

17 02 2007
Project 9 Vinyl deck

18 02 2007
Cambridge Audio DACmagic 2 gold  with lampization

1 02 2007
Music Angel 845 SET amp from China lampized proper

28 01 2007
Speaker crossovers construction tips

15 01 2007
Beautiful Revox Exception E-426 under scrutinity

30 12 2007
Shanling CD-T100 and 200 lampized proper

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