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CD players without any modification for people who just want to buy and listen.
Listed in order of quality.

0.  Sony XA5ES
1. ARCAM CD73 (Wolfson based, price circa 400 GBP on ebay) (and all other Arcams with Wolfson) Also new WM8741 based Arcam CD17 - yummy !
2. Nakamichi CDP-2E with TDA1541A, Sony CDP557ESD with BB PCM64 DAC
3. Philips 753 and 751 with Philips TDA1549 DAC (and Marantz cd5000 and CD48)
    Luxman D-103u
4. Sony CDP-555ESD with TDA1541, Kenwood DP8010 with PCM58P, Sony CDP338ESD with BB-PCM58P DAC
5. Cambridge Audio CD3, CD2
6, JVC 1050Z with K2 filter and JVC DAC

7. Maxi Lampucera with CS4397 DAC from Cirrus (needs transport)
8. SATCH DAC with the TDA1541AS2 (needs transport) now it even comes with factory installed lampizator
9. Cambridge AZUR 540-640 with Wolfson DAC
10. Copland CDP 289
11. Zhalou DAC 2,5 MK2 and 3,0 (needs transport) based on CS4397 and 98
11.B) LITE DAC-AH with 8 x TDA1543 DAC
12. ZERO DAC with AD1852 DAC chip
13.  Bang and Olufsen CD5500 (TDA1541a)

14.  MHZS 66 and 88 (Yes, they sound quite nice ) based on Burr-Brown 1742 DAC
15. Creek CD60
16  AMC CD9
17. Pioneer PD-S06
18. Kenwood DP8010
19. Philips CD 930 and CD 940 which is the same

and of course - all Audio Note DACs (not players) - they are on position ZERO above all players listed.