(attention - some files are large)

DAC and mechanism list (this list is most complete of all those lists circulating around and is updated almost daily)

Burr Brown PCM56 and 61 pinout

Burr Brown PCM56 and 61 pdf

Burr BrownPCM58p-K

Burr Brown PCM63K

Burr Brown PCM61

Burr Brown PCM 1702

Burr Brown PCM 1704

Burr Brown PCM 1732

Burr Brown PCM1742K

Burr Brown pcm1748

Burr Brown PCM 1753

Burr Brown PCM1794

Burr Brown pcm1798.pdf

Analog Devices AD 1851, 1855 and 1861

Analog Devices AD1862

Analog Devices - Another file about AD1856

Analog Devices - list of players that use them

Analog Devices AD1865.pdf

Analog Devices AD1955.pdf

Analog Devices AD1860

CDX2552 Sony.pdf

Crystal Semiconductors (Cirrus) CD4327

cs4329.pdf meridian 506.20

Crystal CS4396.pdf

Crystal CS4397.pdf

Crystal CS4398.pdf

Crystal (Cirrus) 8416 Receiver / decoder

i2s manual.pdf

Crystal (Cirrus) 8414 Receiver / decoder

CS 43XX CD that use them - list

sm5872 NPC.pdf DAC from Nippon Precision (Marantz CD63SE)

Philips tda1305.pdf

Philips tda1311_datasheet.pdf

Philips tda1547.pdf (called DAC7)


Philips SAA7210 decoder

Philips TDA1540 - the oldest DAC on Earth

TDA1541 CD player list

Philips TDA1543 DAC

SAA 7220p/B

SAA 7310

Sanyo LC8835K

Wolfson WM8740.pdf


MASH MN66271