Capacitors in the tube output


In all Amber  and L4 I choose my favorite selection of Soviet military paper in oil caps. They come as standard. Were the Soviets Audiophiles ? Surely not, but hey had very good technology, and they had extremely high quality standards and control, they cared about reliability, longevity, high frequency response, performance in rough military conditions etc. So I am very happy with these caps. I believe that for my type of DAC the value of 0,47 uF by 160V is an optimal choice.

FIKUS capacitor choice

PREMIUM capacitor choice - Jensen of Denmark

In all Level 4 , 5 and 6  I leave it to the customer to decide, if he wants a boutique type of capacitor. My first choice would be Jensen from Denmark. They have been in the business for decades and their reliability and performance is legendary. Audio-Note used to OEM their caps for many years. Jensen is a global benchmark. I especially love their copper foil series and I am an agent for these caps so I can offer a good price.  In L5 and L6 these caps can be ordered without extra cost - as a standard.

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Premium capacitor choice - V-Cap from USA


following a big demand from our customers, we introduce Duelund as a new brand used in LampizatOr products.

Duelund is taking the market of boutique caps by storm. We could not resist taking them on-board. Our customers who tried them - swear that they are worth every penny. So here they are - Duelunds inside Lampizator. We will use Copper Cast series in our best designs, whenever requested by our customers. This is a very exciting . I hope it is a beginning of a great relationship.

Duelund caps come as standard in the Big7 and in Level 7 DACs.


in June 2014 we introduced Jupiter Copper Wax capacitors and we place them equal to Duelunds.

They share with Duelund Copper almost the same materials and very similar sound signature. 

In 2016 we added Mundorf capacitors to our product. The Supreme/Silver/Gold goes straight to the top. Also in power supply in the top models we use Mundorf MLytic HV electrolytes. Our German customers simply can’t imagine their DAC without a Mundorf,


In all Levels I leave it to the customer to decide, if he wants a boutique type of capacitor with such distinct sonic signature as V-Cap. We offer one of the best capacitors to my knowledge which is V-Cap Cu-TF which stands for copper foil with Teflon dielectric. They are made in USA by Chris VenHaus.  Is it better than Jensen ? Not better, it is different. The emphasis in V-Cap is on speed, detail and transparency, while Jensens are extremely natural, musical and analog-like. Don’t get me wrong - V-Cap has all the qualities of Jensen PLUS their own slam factor.  V-Cap is a very costly cap but worth every penny. Especially that I am their OEM agent with good prices.  They take a week to “open up” but their sound then is so pure, clear and fast that it creates a quality level of its own. They must be heard to be believed. I chose copper foil /teflon 0,47 uF/630V size.

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