The objectives were: to make a full range loudspeaker.
It must not look too big and too wild, must look acceptable for non audiophiles.
It should remain passive in a traditional way.
It should have none of important sonic compromises. You don't need to accept that for example the bass is missing or something like that.
They must work with tubed amps, otherwise why bother?
They must fill my 50 sq. m living room with sound at realistic levels (and the room is open to the rest of the house).
They must be very fast, accurate, lively, natural, extended, musical, uncolored, uncompressed to name a few requirements.
It must be possible to build them in the kitchen
It must be possible to build them without very specialized tools, and without help of second person (or any pro carpenters etc.).
They must have a certain engineering philosophy behind them
They must NOT be a clone or copy of someone else's project .