Welcome and thank you for checking with us. This page is the “sales window” of the LampizatOr branded products. Everything we do is designed in-house and manufactured by hand from components and parts sourced locally from adjacent businesses.

It is hard to position a small ambitious company among the existing giants. On one hand today’s electronics is dominated by Sony, Samsung, LG and Apple. On the other end there are the high end giants , at least those who survived the “MP3 armageddon” and the home theatre tsunami. Like MBL, Mc. Intosh, Goldmund, Audio Note, Audio Research and the like. I strongly believe there is a room for a company which mission is to deliver the ultimate musicality using down to earth solid engineering principles and out of the box thinking.  We want to create products that have no equal in terms of sound, but that cost reasonably at the same time.

We don’t like the way 90 % of the products on the market sound. Not that we think they are bad products, they just don’t sound right to our ears. We design our stuff differently. We listen to our customers and we listen to the music. We listen to our products for extended time. Each and every employee of Lampizator is an audiophile himself. Each of us listens to the music at least half of our non-sleeping time. we have a superb listening living room in the factory where products are tested in real life situation and environment. before everybody in our team is happy with a given new product - nothing gets shipped.

Here are some principles we follow and those we don’t.

We design for the sound

We choose to over-specify everything, even if only on the assumption that it does not hurt

We don’t believe in switching power supplies - everything we do is powered by good old transformer, using Polish Steel cores and Polish Copper wiring and made by friendly local companies.

All power supplies are “linear” type.

We believe that triode vacuum tubes sound good and op-amps sound bad.

We believe that feedback is a bad practice and we never use any of it - neither local nor global. We only use customer’s feedback.

We don’t spend money on marketing (zero) and on shows (zero) and on advertising. You pay less this way.

We are not retro, we are not about nostalgic stuff, we are not grandpa’s radio with magic green eye. We use tubes only because they help us achieve desired technical goals in the best possible way. We are a modern 21’st century business. It just so happens that by using good old electrical knowledge we manage to beat - with our sound -  the rubidium clocks, femtom clocks, 700 X upsampling, 1000 x damping factors, 125 programmable functions, 0,00001% THD, 20-20000 Hz specs, 18 sabre dacs in parallel etc. etc. So called modern technology has little to offer to the true music lover.

If we have to compromise somewhere in our design - we tell you about it and we offer immediately a non-compromise solution at upgraded price.

Every product we build carries a serial number and is unique because we build it for you. It is like no other because we first listen to your requirements and we build a machine that will suit you best now and in the long haul.

Every component is documented in our log-book of manufacturing for future reference, servicing and upgrading.

Every component carries a five years warranty that is unconditional and transferrable. We honor the warranty on every product bought by you second hand.

Every product can be upgraded in the future to any specs or level you desire. Any forgotten feature can be added later. After a product comes to our factory for repair or upgrade, we can negotiate “resetting” the warranty to new 5 years.

After a thorough factory overhaul our previously owned products get a new life with new serial number, new log-book entry and new warranty.

We ship the products mainly by DHL, which is our forwarding partner of choice. That means you get the goods within 48 hours and intact. Our packing is second to none  because it is based on the experience gained over several hundreds of shipments we made so far.

Finally: what is LAMPIZATOR ? It is a play on Polish Lampa (vacuum tube) and Terminator. It is Lukasz Fikus’ nick name that stuck to the product.

Custom order, high end equipment with vacuum tubes.

Handcrafted by true music lovers for true music lovers.