Next on my agenda was a conversion of Shanling CD Player from a Chinese crappy tube 6N3 to 6H6P and then from tube triode cathode follower buffer with op-amps in path - to a true lampizator status. This gorgeous player is very solid and well built and it is marketed as a tube player, but in fact the bitter truth is that it has two op-amps in output stage. Then the signal goes to some kind of muting chip and then to output (straight).
The tubed output - a sad conclusion -  is AFTER the op-amps, in the form of the cathode follower(impedance matching buffer). This is NOT the way to go, I am sorry to disappoint the owners.

DAC Chip: Burr Brown PCM1738
this is a very nice sounding DAC, and the transport (SONY) is one of the finest in existence. It looks  like an el-cheapo Playstation II module, (I dont know) but it sounds just spectacular. I heard that this Shanling makes a fantastic transport (shall anybody need a 4 000 USD transport with tubes   ;-)
It must have the best bass of all the CD players I tested so far, save the allmighty Laserdisc.


Shanling is well known for the super cool look with blue led light all over, exposed disk, and SACD.
It has 4 tubes so it just screams " I ' M  A TUBED PLAYER!!!"
Nothing more deceiving.
This is NOT a tubed player. It is a standard cheap op-amp player with tubes attached - 2 for headphone output and 2 for buffer (triode in cathode follower mode).
Internally it is built beautifully but the schematics is not koscher.
The player, no matter wether from direct output or tubed - sounds a little coarse, grainy, closed in, artificial. It is nowhere near the real lampized players.

I managed to get the pure analog signal from the DAC (via first op-amp I/U converter) and it sounds HEAVENLY. It is fantastic in all spects. But the real Mc Coy is this player without any op-amps but with Sowter transformers from balanced DAC current outputs to the lampizator. The difference between the stock unit and lampizator output is night and day. Finally clarity, purity, space, detail, musicality - all is present. What a player !

To do real justice to the look and overall quality of the Shanling I suggest to remove even the first half of the op-amp and put the sowter transformer because this DAC chip has balanced current outputs ! So the transformer would perform triple function - i/u conversion, amplification, de-symmetrization and analog filtering.

Oh my God I need to try SACD  recordings on lampized player !

The battle between Denon and Shanling. After lampization the Shanling is a whole level better, especially in bass control. (And looks).

Oryginal buffer tube out:


First, I removed the entire tube output PCB and disposed of it. It is useless.
Next, I installed the noval sockets in place of  the PCB. The original screws holding the plexi rings are just perfect for that.

At the same time I cut all power wires leading to the headphone board. I kill it leaving it just for the looks.

\This is the removed PCB next to the newly installed socket.

Testing the positioning of Sowters near the tube sockets. Enough space . Ufff...

Everything is installed and secured. Op-amps are removed from sockets. These are really good ones so you can keep'em.

The job nearly finished.

The doccumentation of what has been done. Please note - an errata: on the botommost line it should read instead of CUT R: 7, 8, 14 19
CUT R:  77, 78, 85 and 86.
Also Remove U21 and U22.

An even better proposal is Shanling SCD-T300 with fantastic DAC - BB1794 and great cool looks.